Business Machines is my first published release. It is currently in the final edit and should be due for release in the coming months.

In the book I delve deep into the business world and look at why productivity is lower than it ever has been, even when we have all the technology available that was designed to make us more productive. A lot of our productivity and ultimately business success relates to the emotional state of the individuals within your workplace. I look at how business can and must change its philosophy to capture the Trillions of dollars lost each year to productivity and more importantly the health of all individuals. We are humans, not machines and as such we must operate in a way that we as human organisms require; to grow, develop and survive.

​Once the book and cover is complete I will update the image with the link attached.


A List of publications in which I have had featured articles published.


Your monthly magazine for growth! 

A magazine created by Author and Life Change expert​ Paula Lawes.

  • ​Dedicated Monthly Magazine
  • Essential Tools for Change & Growth
  • Inspirational, Motivational & All Yours

I have been honoured to be a part of Paula Lawes and her magnificent publication on changing your life, tips and advice from herself and other leaders in development and growth from around the world.

Click on the image below to visit Paula and subscribe to her amazing monthly magazine!​



Best Selling Author: Cameron L Morrissey

The latest publication by the best selling author Cameron Morrissey

  • ​No 1. Best Seller - The Manager's Diary - Thinking Outside The Cubicle
  • Recent Release - 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership

I was honoured to be a part of Cameron's latest book, 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership. 

"That being said, the process was made so much easier, more enjoyable and produced such a better finished product thanks to the time, effort and care of my friends and fans on this book’s Launch Team. Thanks to each and every one of you for your insight, suggestions and time. I hope it is something you’re proud to have your name associated with." "Cameron Morrissey"

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