Ash Holzheimer - Owner U-Limit

I need to give my coach, Aaron Bourke a big wrap. Recently, I was unsure if I would race my bike due to recently being made redundant and the cost of it. He talked through my options with me, and by asking really good questions and discussing options he helped me to see what I needed to do and the opportunities it would present. Then, he helped me overcome some things that had been holding me back and I set a new PB and felt totally comfortable doing it, so I'm excited that there's still more speed in me. I know that I couldn't have done it without him. If you want to break through some barriers, I would highly recommend him.

Kenneth Lorne BSc., DC, Grad Dip (Ergonomics), MHSc (OH&S/Ergonomics)

Aaron Bourke has been magnificent in helping my son become a competitive swimmer as well as a balanced young person. Aaron started mentoring my son when he could not qualify for State level events. With Aaron’s oversight, working alongside my sons coach, within 18 months my son had qualified not only for State Championships, but also for the National Age Championships. As parents we really appreciated Aaron’s technical swimming instruction, but more importantly his insights on balancing his studies with competition, training and growing as a young person. 

Update: My son has recently competed at his first National Life Saving Championships. He came away with 3 Gold medals and 2 national records, eclipsing his competitors who were outranked and older than he was. Aaron's ability to help my son believe has proved to be a winning combination.​

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